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Say hello to the next evolutionary step of email communication where we cut off the complications you face with your go-to mail client.



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1.5 times faster

than a regular chat application


Hey there, Welcome to bixChat!
Do you know you can contact any
email from a Bix account? Try it!


So easy to stay organized
with bixChat!

I find BixChat to be the Tesla of emails 🙂 It is an easier way to communicate with my work mates on a daily basis. Sharing documents and other information has never been easier!
Shaakira Mubarak | Frontend developer
Thanking the creators for providing a convenient platform for professional communication
Dilum Tharaka | UI/UX Designer

Love the concept. Sending and receiving emails within the app itself is a time saver
Amhar Giltips | General Manager

you think of
these questions!
Don't you?

Peter Sagar

What if we can turn a message
into a reminder?

Kelum Mirr

Is there a chat app built specifically for professionals?

Achintha Messar

Wouldn’t it be nice if there is a
way to add messages as task?

Rose Gardino

I’d like application where we can sort and arrange our chats and messages
to easily retrieve something when needed?


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